We offer variety of solutions and applications to our customers to facilitate their continuous improvement in processes, production, assembly and packaging among others.

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We identify customer needs in order to provide intelligent and innovative designs based on LEAN culture.

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Benefits for your company

  • Eliminate waste

    DESOFLEX system offers to remove major wastes pointed out by Lean Manufacturing philosophy such as overproduction, waiting time, transportation, rework, excess inventory, unnecessary movement and defects.

  • Standardizing

    It is important to maintain consistency in the solutions applied along the processes; For this reason, our system offers versatility, durability and visual standardization.

  • Implementing Lean Manufacturing

    Our solutions facilitate the implementation of Lean Manufacturing system and Kaizen processes, providing finished assembled products.

  • Increase quality and productivity

    DESOFLEX solutions are designed to comply with costumers demands in order to optimize quality and productivity.

  • Support to Kaizen events

    Our system is ideal for the implementation of your strategies Kaizen eliminating non-productive activities.

  • Improved appearance

    Our Design Center offers innovative, flexible and excellent aesthetics solutions. Designers and technicians will develop your custom solution with 3D software and determine the bill of materials required for your project.

  • Space maximization

    DESOFLEX develops customized solutions designed for optimal utilization of space and resources.

  • Staff optimization

    Solutions offered by DESOFLEX prevent movement of staff, shortening distances and providing added value.

  • Productivity savings

    DESOFLEX system enables you to configure production lines, therefore raw materials and consumable spares are always at hand, substantially increasing staff productivity.

Advantages for your company

  • 100% Reusable Components

    The continuous changes in industry processes require versatility to eventually implement changes in production lines, so one of the main advantages of using the tubular system DESOFLEX offers is the reuse of materials in new projects.

  • Simple assembly

    No special training is needed for assembly.

  • Ergonomic and flexible designs

    Applications are made ergonomically thanks to its flexibility immediate reconfiguration.

  • Lightweight and easy to use

    Our materials are lightweight and easy to handle.

  • ESD Protection

    Our materials have special coatings that prevent static generated in our structures.

  • Immediate growth and integration

    DESOFLEX solutions are adjustable and immediately adaptable.

  • Minimum maintenance

    Our system ensures minimal maintenance and can be performed on the same production line.

  • No welding is required

    Thanks to the flexibility offered by our system, profitability in relation to welding systems is substantially higher, mainly due to cost reductions resulting from the constant changes or adjustments to production processes.

  • Optimization for your resources

    Our solutions facilitate better inventory control and organization of raw materials and supplies.

What is Lean Manufacturing?