Welcome to Desoflex

What is Desoflex?

We are a company specialized in implementing the successful PIPE & JOINT system in companies committed to quality and efficiency of its processes.

We specialize in LEAN manufacturing modular solutions, supply of assembled structures, kitted structures, bulk components such as steel pipes, ESD coated pipes, aluminum extrusion profiles, joints, roller tracks, boards and accessories for your staff to design and build suitable structures.

DESOFLEX provides technical advice as well as intelligent design, tailored to the needs of customers and supported in Lean Manufacturing methods through a new and innovative system, using pipes and fittings of high quality which have revolutionized the industry (Pipe & Joint).

How we do it?

We identify customer needs in order to provide intelligent and innovative designs based on LEAN culture.

The Pipe & Joint system lies in developing solutions that meet the requirements of our customers by using a wide range of components such as joints, casters, roller tracks, accessories and profiles that can be adapted to any industry with great advantages and benefits.


  • Supply of bulk parts
  • Design service (Design and Self-Build)
  • Assembled structures (Design and Build)
  • Training
  • Pre-cutting and kitting
  • Special products
  • Training


  • Pipes
  • Joints
  • Roller tracks
  • Accessories
  • Casters

What we do?

In DESOFLEX our priority is to provide quality products through a fast and efficient service and innovative ideas and solutions to satisfy our customers.

Our system enables rapid implementation and reconfiguration. New or temporary applications are quickly and easily adjusted to process requirements, which will results in lower overall cost of implementation and ownership.

What is Lean Manufacturing?